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What Artists Should Know About AudioKite

UPDATE: ReverbNation acquired Audiokite in November of 2016, and improved upon it with their new Crowd Review product, which I review here.  Has this ever happened to you? You think you’ve written your best song yet, but an offhand…

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What Artists Should Know About ArtistLink

ArtistLink started as an extension of the Topspin Media platform, so that non-Topspin users could add content to the MTV Artists site. It’s well on its way to becoming the control panel for the music industry. I encourage any…

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YouTube’s Dirty Little Secret

Ever spotted a terrible video on YouTube with an inconceivably high view count? Of course you have. Would it make you feel better knowing that most of those “views” were completely automated and only lasted 30 seconds with the…

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What Artists Should Know About Earbits

Earbits is a personalized streaming radio site focused on independents, with no ads or subscription fees. Like Jango,, and Grooveshark, they sell airtime packages to artists. At around a penny a play, it’s a relative bargain, especially since…

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What Artists Should Know About (now CoPromote) is a platform for trading recommendations with other artists on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. You “buy” recommendations using a virtual currency called band bucks, which can be purchased outright for real money or earned by recommending other…

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Why I Still Use Jango

Jango offers free Pandora-style internet radio. Type in an artist’s name and it generates a playlist of related songs. Jango Airplay lets artists buy their way into the recommendation engine, promising guaranteed airplay alongside your pick of big names.…

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What Artists Should Know About SoundOut

UPDATE: SoundOut, which fared poorly in this review and my more recent comparison shootout here, closed up shop and is now only available through TuneCore’s Fan Review. ReverbNation acquired Audiokite in November of 2016, and improved upon it with their new…

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My First ReverbNation Street Team Mission

I love ReverbNation. I could write a dozen articles on the various tools they provide for artists. For now I’ll focus on one I just tried for the first time: Street Team Missions. Whenever a fan subscribes to your mailing…

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12 Years With Taxi

Taxi is an independent A&R company, connecting musicians with labels, publishers, and music supervisors. On the 1st and 15th of every month, they provide a list of industry opportunities for members to submit songs to. Screeners forward the most…