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My Crazy-Ambitious 2019 Goal

As of this morning, this post is serving double-duty as an introduction to my Patreon page. I can’t promise that my approach will prove successful, or that it will help you with your own promotional efforts. I’m sharing it…

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How I Promoted My New Album

In a recent How I’m Promoting My Music This Month email newsletter (subscribe here), I mentioned that I was working through a long to-do list to promote my new album. Several subscribers emailed to ask for a copy of that…

Patreon Special Offer

How to Promote a Limited Time Special Offer

Patreon has been doing a lot lately to help creators maximize their potential on the site. In addition to the recently launched Patreon U, I was invited to not one, but two special workshops: Special Offers & Membership Reboot.…

Facebook Ads Manager

How to Promote Your Music with Facebook Ads

As of today, I’ve spent $5888.35 on Facebook ads. Does that make me an expert? No way! Promoting music on Facebook, and Instagram through Facebook Ads, is a bottomless and constantly changing topic. Where do I even start? How…

Spotify ad studio

How to Promote Your Music with Spotify Ads

I’ve been looking for ways to boost my Spotify streams. What could be better than advertising directly on Spotify with an audio ad? That way people will hear my music without needing to click on anything first. And if…

How I’m Promoting My Music This Month

I’m embarrassed. I haven’t written a music promotion post since August, and not for lack of ideas. I’ve got plenty! For starters, I want to share my results on Deezer via, take the new Audiokite reports for a spin, and…


Promotion & Production Tips from my Wiselike AMA

Wiselike is a Q&A site often compared to Quora. The difference is, you aren’t just throwing questions out there for anybody to answer or ignore. With Wiselike, you direct your question to a specific person. They’ve featured all types of people from grammy…


The Definitive Album Release Checklist

Your album is mixed and mastered, finally! You’ve got cover art and maybe even replication lined up. Now what? This is the question I was hired to answer. Specifically, I was asked to create a to-do list for a band’s…

Sakizou art girls

The Art of the Niche Music Video

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Myers on the soon-to-be-released Just Dance Kids 3 video game. As I got to know him and his music, I was blown away by the response to his highly targeted YouTube videos.…

to-do list

The Weekly Batch

Musicians are expected to be everywhere these days. We’re interacting on social networks, following up on blog comments, keeping our profiles on countless music sites up to date, and checking our stats and analytics with a variety of online…

social media management

Social Media & Email Management for Musicians

Engaging with fans is fun and rewarding. It can also be an addictive time suck. If you check your email, Facebook, and Twitter first thing in the morning, you’re doing it wrong! Better to start your day creating something…