How I’m Promoting My Music This Month

I’m embarrassed.

I haven’t written a music promotion post since August, and not for lack of ideas. I’ve got plenty!

For starters, I want to share my results on Deezer via, take the new Audiokite reports for a spin, and review social media co-marketing platform CoPromote.

I’ve got a good excuse though – I’ve been completely overhauling the way I release music!


  1. A new website
  2. A new bio (professionally written by StoryAmp)
  3. A new photo shoot

All to prepare for a big launch in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

With that in mind, I don’t expect to find any serious writing time in the near future. And I’m tired of disappearing for months on end. So I’ve come up with a compromise:

Every month, I’ll send a short email telling you what I’m doing to promote my music.

Interested? Sign up below, or here if that doesn’t work.

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