My Promotion To-Do List


Lots to do, and this list isn’t comprehensive. I’ve still got a lot of promotion ideas floating around that I need to catalogue. Some of these items won’t make immediate sense, but I’ll explain each of them along the way as I do it. The point is: lots to do.


Update – add album to mp3 store and order page
Announce album (and this blog!) – newsletter, web site, iLike, forums
Add album to CD Baby
Add title to Amazon
Pay mechanical and digital download rights for cover songs
Register songs with ASCAP
Enroll and submit titles to SoundExchange
Register album with US Copyright office
Find photographer for new photo shoot
Upload new songs to iLike, MySpace,
Update bio
Submit story to Disc Makers before November 9
Submit song to Universal Audio

Do when CDs arrive:

A brief happy dance
Stock Amazon, CD Baby, A Different Drum
Fulfill preorders
Submit to Pandora
Send to Loudeye (bought by Nokia?), Muze, Allmusic
Submit to Soundscan/BDS and Mediabase/Clear Channel
Send to AEI/DMX Music and Music Choice

Do whenever:

Scan Promotion folder on hard drive, Google Docs, Gmail “promotion tag”, promo lead bookmarks, promo contacts, Road Rally 2007 notes
Create PDF files with the lyrics for each album
Make newsletter sign-up link more prominent
Make cover art downloads the right size for printing
Put Google Analytics code on all sites
Create copy and paste request for reviews with links for fanmail replies
Update e-mail signatures
Update Amazon lists and guides
Update Wikipedia
Make sure Perfect Tears is correct across download services (still DM on eMusic)


Create “all tracks” album of every CT song ever recorded, all remastered “box set” Color Theory complete
Put C&R and LC on iTunes, DM remixes?
Make alt versions/b sides available as bonus downloads for the album (early ISBBM, ZC)
Assemble free EP
Submit to iRate,, Ourstage, We7
Upload a capellas to
Make “Buy the new CD – The Thought Chapter” stickers for targeted CD giveaways of old albums
Amazon Marketplace, eBay listings,
Create help me page
Submit press releases
Make MySpace music collage with spoken word intro (newsletter with Tori, Ben, Rufus news items, “How to mic piano” article, Amazon links)

Film/TV leads:
Google “Music Supervisor”

Photo by Daniel Kulinski


  • Reply
    Alex Holz
    February 2, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Really like this – how successful were you in accomplishing the tasks? If you ever need to clear cover songs, consider Limelight (

    • Reply
      Brian Hazard
      February 3, 2011 at 5:19 am

      If memory serves, it went pretty well. The list probably tripled in size by the time I was done with it!

      I’ve always licensed my cover songs directly through and found it totally painless, but Limelight looks great for those who need a little more hand-holding. 😉

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