The Power of a True Fan

This morning I stumbled upon Amazon’s new SoundUnwound project, currently in beta. It aggregates artist and release information that anyone can edit. Their embedded YouTube widget on my artist page showed a number of videos, most likely the top matches from a “Color Theory” search. Since I don’t have any official videos, or even videos of live performances, I figured they’d all be unrelated. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong:

Without my knowledge or consent (which I would’ve readily granted), “gahana” (clearly derivative of Dave Gahan, the lead singer of Depeche Mode) created a video for one of my earliest songs using a montage of photos and some Depeche Mode footage. It’s obviously amateur, but the imagery is at times strikingly appropriate, and serves to further the emotion of the song.

It’s truly humbling – a testament to the power of music – when someone is moved to create a video, remix, or fan site. Even if the results aren’t professional, the statement is stronger than anything I could communicate on my own behalf. I may think I’m great, and in fact be terrible, as anyone who’s watched the American Idol auditions knows. That’s why self-promotion is so ineffective. Ultimately, I just want to get my music into the hands of people that will enjoy it enough to tell a friend or write a positive review. The rest takes care of itself.

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