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    I Spent $500 Promoting My Song on Deezer


    $500 is a lot of money. As much as I love testing out promotion ideas and sharing the results with you, that’s more than I’m typically willing to spend.

    In this case though, I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. The referral link I included in my earlier article on (which will still get you a $10 credit) generated enough affiliate earnings to cover the campaign. Thank you!

    Last time I wrote about my campaigns on 8tracks. Since then, partnered with subscription streamer Deezer to offer sponsored song campaigns. I promoted my single Glory Days, which as you may remember, scored surprisingly high on Crowd Review!

    The way it works is, your song gets thrown into their non-interactive radio tier with a “sponsored” banner slapped across the artwork. You select who hears it by specifying their location, age, gender, preferred genres, and similar artists, like so:Deezer targetingYou can also choose a call to action. I chose “View Artist Profile” in the hope that listeners would check out my other material and add me to their favorite artists.
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