My Crazy-Ambitious 2019 Goal

    As of this morning, this post is serving double-duty as an introduction to my Patreon page. I can’t promise that my approach will prove successful, or that it will help you with your own promotional efforts. I’m sharing it here in the hope that you’ll consider becoming a patron. If it inspires you to set your own crazy-ambitious goal, even better.

    Ten Good Years

    I started running after college, but I didn’t start running seriously until 2011.

    Since then I’ve immersed myself in the online running community: the science, the shoes, and the stories.

    One story I see over and over again is this: middle-aged couch potato takes up running and, within a few years, surpasses lifetime athletes. For example, John Shaw took up running at age 59, and is breaking world records at 65.

    The commonly accepted explanation is that runners have ten good years. Those that run hard through high school and college aren’t likely to be winning ultramarathons in middle age.

    Why am I talking about running? Because I think the same thing holds true for my favorite recording artists. With few exceptions, their best material was recorded within a ten year span.

    I started making music after college, but I didn’t start making music seriously until 2019.

    Up until now, I only worked on my music when I finished working on other people’s music. Oftentimes that meant taking months off for a big project. You can see it in my pre-Patreon release dates: 2003, 2008, 2010, 2016.

    The past three months have given me a taste of life as a full-time recording artist. In that span I’ve written and mostly recorded an entire album. You can read through my process here.

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