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    I Bought 16K SoundCloud Plays

    I would never buy fake plays, and I strongly suggest you don’t either. You risk getting your material taken down, your account suspended, or worse.

    When I received an email from Vicky Edward of Midnite Blaster, an electronic music marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia, I was skeptical. She assured me that their SoundCloud promotional service is totally transparent and completely safe. As a longtime follower of the blog, she offered me a discount to try out and potentially review the service.

    The way it works is, they have permissions for hundreds of artist, label, and influencer SoundCloud accounts to repost tracks for 24 hours. Simple enough!

    Here’s rough pricing as of November 2018:

    150€ 3M+ total followers, 6K – 12K plays guaranteed
    300€ 6M+ total followers, 14K – 25K plays guaranteed
    500€ 15M+ total followers, 30K – 50K plays guaranteed

    They don’t accept every track and the minimum number of guaranteed plays varies depending on the genre and the quality of the music.

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