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    ReverbNation’s New Crowd Review, Reviewed

    ReverbNation Crowd Review

    Which of my unreleased songs will people like? I have no idea. Friends and family aren’t much help either.

    Fortunately, I’m able to get unbiased feedback from fans of my genre through ReverbNation’s Crowd Review, which has been completely overhauled since ReverbNation’s acquisition of Audiokite last November.

    To call this market research simply “helpful” would be a gross understatement. My last report precipitated a complete overhaul of not just my marketing plan, but my entire album concept.

    I’d been in the process of setting up collaborations with some of the better-known synthwave artists. My plan was to put together a bunch of song demos with finished vocals, and have them redo the underlying instrumentals in their own style.

    Problem was, I didn’t have any collaborations locked down yet, and I needed material to release on my newly launched Patreon page. That got me wondering what I could do to spruce up one of my demos for release to my patrons. Enter Crowd Review.

    To my surprise, the demo — vocals over a drum loop plus four synth tracks — scored the highest by far out of a dozen previous submissions. It ranked in the 89th percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review. 74% of listeners said they would want to hear the song again, versus a 33% average across the platform.

    As a result, it was forwarded to ReverbNation’s curation team. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it!

    ReverbNation Curation Team email

    But the real shocker is, it ranked in the 100th percentile for production quality. A demo!

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