What I’ve Learned About My Mailing List

The album and this blog are now official! Today I announced them to my mailing list.

Over the years, my mailing list updates have shortened. I used to aim for a clever conversational style, but it was wordy and didn’t reflect the character of my music. People get way too much e-mail anyway. Best to get to the point quickly.

A few years ago, I had 1200 subscribers on my mailing list. Today I’m down to 488 after weeding out the bounces. I lost momentum during the five-year break between albums, and these days some fans prefer to get their band updates through sites like MySpace, Facebook, or iLike. It’s hard to get an honest read on how many people I’m reaching.

In addition to my mailing list, I post updates on:

  • my MySpace blog (today I also updated my profile and added two new songs)
  • iLike (which ties in to Facebook)
  • Synthpop forums: Section 44, Electrogarden, Side-Line
  • Synthpop and Depeche Mode related Yahoo! Groups
  • Synthpop community on LiveJournal

I should also look into posting on:

  • Depeche Mode official forums (since there is a lot of crossover between our fanbases)
  • Death Cab for Cutie official forums (since I’ve got a Death Cab cover on the album)

It would be great to somehow reach everyone through one service, like iLike, but currently there’s no way to do that. iLike can post bulletins directly to MySpace, which is a start. I’m open to any ideas!

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