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    YouTube vs Facebook Video Premieres

    YouTube premiere

    You may have noticed that whenever you schedule a video release on YouTube or Facebook, you have the option of making it a premiere. In the spirit of “why not?” I tested the feature out on both platforms to determine the premiére premiere-er. The winner, in my mind, was cliére (I’ll stop).

    The idea is for you and your fans to experience the video together, all at the same time. Like a Spotify pre-save, a premiere is a vehicle to build momentum for your release. It provides another angle from which to promote your song, along with a second set of notifications for your fans — or more, if you play your cards right!

    Don’t have any videos? Neither do I, but that doesn’t stop me. My song videos are simply the music slapped over the cover art in iMovie. Sites like Editframe and TunesToTube can do it for you in a jiffy.

    How to Promote Your YouTube Premiere

    I actually premiered two videos on YouTube. I pulled out all the stops the first time around, but didn’t think to capture any screenshots. I half-assed the most recent one but at least had the foresight to document my mediocrity.

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