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    My Drooble YouTube Promotion Results

    YouTube Promotion

    Your new music video cost $2000 to make. One week after its YouTube premiere, it has 134 views.

    What to do?

    You could share the link on your socials for the seventh time, at the risk of annoying your friends and family. But even if they click through, the lack of social proof is unconvincing. Why should they bother watching when no one else will?

    You could Google “YouTube promotion” and wade through the morass of bot-powered scams that promise traffic from real people (who coincidentally all happen to be located in India and Colombia).

    No, you want to promote your video the *right* way, the way the major labels do it: Google Ads.

    There’s only one problem. You thought Facebook Ads Manager was complicated? Wait until you try Google Ads!

    I’ve been messing with it for years now, and have made some costly mistakes. I’ve spent hours on the phone with support agents who couldn’t explain how targeting works, or why my ads weren’t showing because my targeting selections were cancelling each other out. I’ve watched more than my fair share of 45-minute tutorial videos on YouTube that don’t quite apply to what I’m trying to accomplish as a musician.

    Fortunately there’s a shortcut: Drooble YouTube Promotion. They’ll promote your video safely and effectively using Google Ads, and email you a no-nonsense summary of the results you care about.

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