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    Top 10 Music Promotion Posts of 2013

    2013 was a slow year for Passive Promotion, because I was too busy with this, this, and this to write. For the most part, I focused on creation rather than promotion.…

  • Sakizou art girls

    The Art of the Niche Music Video

    I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Myers on the soon-to-be-released Just Dance Kids 3 video game. As I got to know him and his music, I was blown away by…

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    The Weekly Batch

    Musicians are expected to be everywhere these days. We’re interacting on social networks, following up on blog comments, keeping our profiles on countless music sites up to date, and checking our…

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    YouTube’s Dirty Little Secret

    Ever spotted a terrible video on YouTube with an inconceivably high view count? Of course you have. Would it make you feel better knowing that most of those “views” were completely…

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    Mixing Advice

    Make Space for Tight Bass

    The bass and kick are the foundation of your mix, and we want them to utterly dominate the lowest frequencies. I’m going to show you how to use a frequency analyzer…

  • Helen Austin

    Next Steps to Music Licensing

    I’m excited to bring you a follow-up to one of the most popular articles on this site, by friend and music licensing veteran Helen Austin. -Brian My music career has advanced significantly in the two years since…

  • Helen Austin

    7 Steps to Finding a Music Publisher

    Back by popular demand, I’m proud to present another guest post by friend and music licensing veteran Helen Austin. -Brian I’ve had songs with several publishers, from large instrumental libraries to publishers…

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    What Artists Should Know About Headliner.fm

    Headliner.fm (now CoPromote) is a platform for trading recommendations with other artists on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. You “buy” recommendations using a virtual currency called band bucks, which can be purchased outright…